Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Headed into a new year!

2009 was such a whirlwind for us and our whole family. Kyle and I bought our first house which has been lots of fun to decorate and entertain in. We have many renovation ideas for the spring (staining and putting railings on the deck, etc). I painted almost all of the inside after we moved in so inside renovating is done for awhile. Owning a house is fun, but stressful. There's no landlord to call when the water to the fridge is leaking or washing machine is making a disastrous noise. Luckily though, I have the best husband, father-in-law and uncles in the world that can pretty much fix anything.

I got a job with Seven Counties Services as soon as I graduated from UK which I am extremely fortunate for. I'm a therapeutic aide- I provide an adjunctive service to individual or family therapy done at our office. I get to drive around in the community to schools and client's houses to provide behavior interventions for children ages 2-17. I'm very excited to have my career started and to have a ladder to climb when I'm ready.

Kyle is working as a chef for the Marriott in downtown Louisville but is looking for a career change in the next few years. A career change to one of many options so I'll have to get back to you on that as it progresses. Sound engineer, history teacher and catering are all on the list.

Puppies are doing great. Riley is growing like a weed and will most likely be twice Roxy's size. He is a bundle of energy and will be perfect for Charlee to chase around.

Speaking of....We are expecting our first child this May! Her name will be Charlotte Ann Hynes and we've already given her the nickname of Charlee. I'm 18 weeks right now and we're sooo excited for May to get here so we can meet her. Her nursery is not looking much like a nursery yet, but we've got plenty of time to "girl" it up. :) Here's a picture of me (getting rounder everyday):

First post!

Well, here we go. First blog. I have so much I could say but very little time to do it at the moment. Shower is calling, then it's off to work for a bit.

I'll be back to fill you in on what's happening with us, our house and our darling Charlee who will be blogging from the womb until May of 2010.