Thursday, June 24, 2010

She has arrived!

The Hynes' with their newest addition: Charlotte Ann Hynes. Born on May 26th at 11:50 am, 7 pounds 8 oz, 20 1/2 inches long. It's already been almost a month and I can't remember what life was like before. It has been quite a year for Kyle and I: graduate college, move home, start our careers, get married, buy a house. It just wouldn't have been complete without Miss Charlee. She is so amazing and it's unbelievable how much we love her.

I will never forget going to the hospital and thinking to myself, "I'm going to leave here with a little lady that we will change our lives forever." We got to the hospital after I had contractions all day long. I went into work that Tuesday morning, the 25th and had several contractions while I was there. I wasn't sure what they were supposed to feel like so I didn't really think I was in labor.....but I was. Contractions progressed to 5 mins apart while Kyle, Holly, aunt Laura, Granny and I took a walk down Barkwood Dr. We called the dr and she told us to come on in! We were admitted, pain meds administered and by mid-morning on the 26th we were ready to push. Baby was turned face up, which meant lots more pushing but we made it through and our precious girl made her way into the world. She didn't waste any time and began screaming and squirming as soon as she hit air. Everything was perfect with her and the moment they put her on my tummy, I knew that she was the best thing that I had ever done. Our own amazing being was finally here and we were a family. :)

Adjusting to life with a newborn has not been as hard as I thought. We had some feeding troubles at the beginning but we made it through. It's amazing how little sleep you can have and still function, be happy even. Kyle and I were certainly tired during the mid-night feeding but the energy comes from some magical place. Now I wake up before she even cries at's like I feel her move, even from the other room.

She is just about a month old and has grown so much. She is staying awake more and starting to smile! Charlee smiles are the best...they warm you from the inside out. She's turning out to be a pretty cool little girl, I can't wait to watch her grow and change.

It's taken me forever to update the blog, hopefully I can become more diligent about updating things.