Wednesday, March 31, 2010

53 days and counting...

She's almost here! We're already under 2 months to go and it's going to get here faster than I think we realize. My most up to date belly photo is there on the left. 31.5 weeks, taken last night. We have a doc appt this morning at 10am, the most inconvenient time and day for my work schedule but they couldn't do anything else because of Good Friday. Eh, I'll take the morning off to hear bebe's heartbeat and get measured :) Charlee has been moving around like crazy but I don't think she's flipped yet. Everyone tells me that I'll KNOW when she does. It seems like she's trying to figure it out though, kicking and elbowing my all down my sides. She gets crazy active at night, it makes my whole body move.

We are going to be so busy every weekend before she gets here.
April 1-2: RJ paints the mural in the nursery (I will post pic updates)
April 3: Easter
April 7-11: Jana is in town with her crew, my BIRTHDAY!
April 17: Granny's baby shower
April 24: Sam's friend baby shower
May 1: Derby festivities
May 8: Sam's graduation/party
May 15: Family time at Granny's (celebrate bdays)
May 22: Charlee is due this weekend!

I'm hoping we can find a weekend in there to just be by ourselves before she comes. It might have to be the weekend she's due, but I want it to be sooner so I won't be huge and uncomfortable. We'll have to see. It seems like forever away, but with all the stuff we still have to do, I know it will be here so fast. I really wish we could take a mini vacation and get away for a bit, but I don't see that happening :(

Friday, March 19, 2010

Breeched baby...

Little foot.

Little hand.

Just had our 30 week appt with an ultrasound to check on baby's growth and etc. Everything is going right on schedule, she's actually a week or so ahead of schedule but they aren't changing the due date. Charlee is laying the complete opposite way of how they want her. She should be head down, facing towards my back and this little lady is head up, facing out like I'm carrying her right in front of me. The nurse said that's why my belly is measuring small bc weighs the right amount and etc but she is laying right under my ribs. (I knew that already...ouch) We got a couple pictures printed out but she wasn't really cooperating with the technician. She did give us this scary face picture. Skull picture really...

It was cool seeing her wiggle around, she's over twice as big as she was during our 17wk ultrasound. She was kicking and playing with her hands the whole time.

The doctor said they would check her position again closer to the due date and most likely schedule a C Section if she hasn't flipped. I wasn't really happy to hear that, but I'll go with whatever is best for baby and I. It's kind of scary but it'll be ok.

Next appointment is 3/31, two weeks from now. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogging at 5am...great

I do not get up this early. Riley usually determines when I get up and it's mostly around 7-8. He hasn't slept since 3 this morning....he's up and moving around. He won't lay down in one place for more than 10 seconds. He slept for about an hour, in bed with us while I was petting him, then got up and left. He acts like something scares him, running from room to room. I don't's freaking me out.

I'm more on edge with it because I found out today that two of his siblings died last week. The family says they were poisoned. I cried, right there in session. Call it my hormones, call it my dog lover side, I don't care but it was so sad. So now I'm all worried that something is wrong with Riley. Roxy is acting fine, she's looking at him like "lay down man, chill out".

In other, happier news..we're at 29 weeks! I can't wait until Friday, our last ultrasound. She's grown more than twice the size she was at our first ultrasound so this one should be more eventful I think...if she isn't sleeping. I'm very excited.

Work is getting harder for me, mainly because I don't stay in one spot for more than 3 hours. I'm up moving around, getting kids from classrooms, driving round and round. It's getting to be exhausting. During pregnancy I wouldn't mind a desk job, sure I'd have to get up and walk every now and again but not ALL day. I'm hoping to be able to whittle down my caseload by the beginning of May so I'm not doing so much. It would be me that has her water break in a session with a kid, traumatizing the kid and herself for life.

I'm definitely feeling much more "pregnant" now, with the belly and all. It's harder to roll over in bed (which I have to do every hour), harder to get up from sitting, just harder to mobilize. Still two months to go, so I know it'll only get worse from here on out. :)

I'm attempting to go back to sleep. Riley is still up pacing. :(