Wednesday, March 31, 2010

53 days and counting...

She's almost here! We're already under 2 months to go and it's going to get here faster than I think we realize. My most up to date belly photo is there on the left. 31.5 weeks, taken last night. We have a doc appt this morning at 10am, the most inconvenient time and day for my work schedule but they couldn't do anything else because of Good Friday. Eh, I'll take the morning off to hear bebe's heartbeat and get measured :) Charlee has been moving around like crazy but I don't think she's flipped yet. Everyone tells me that I'll KNOW when she does. It seems like she's trying to figure it out though, kicking and elbowing my all down my sides. She gets crazy active at night, it makes my whole body move.

We are going to be so busy every weekend before she gets here.
April 1-2: RJ paints the mural in the nursery (I will post pic updates)
April 3: Easter
April 7-11: Jana is in town with her crew, my BIRTHDAY!
April 17: Granny's baby shower
April 24: Sam's friend baby shower
May 1: Derby festivities
May 8: Sam's graduation/party
May 15: Family time at Granny's (celebrate bdays)
May 22: Charlee is due this weekend!

I'm hoping we can find a weekend in there to just be by ourselves before she comes. It might have to be the weekend she's due, but I want it to be sooner so I won't be huge and uncomfortable. We'll have to see. It seems like forever away, but with all the stuff we still have to do, I know it will be here so fast. I really wish we could take a mini vacation and get away for a bit, but I don't see that happening :(

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