Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello twenty-ten!

A house divided :) UK was victorious over U of L this weekend so that made me happy. We have a friendly feud I guess you would say. I've already decided that Charlee will be a UK fanatic like her mama and there's no swaying that decision.

I felt little kicks from Charlee this weekend which was very exciting. I can't wait to have them be stronger and more consistent. It makes me smile when I get the little flutter. I'll need to look back on this post in 3 months when she's kicking the crap out of me and cherish it. Keeping with the baby topic, I'm feeling more and more huge everyday. Even when I don't feel her moving about, I still feel "it" in that whole section of my body. I don't think I'm looking very pregnant...just look like I've put on 20 pounds when it's actually only been 3. Oh well, guess I'll have a big bump soon enough.

Kyle and I are both back to work from the holidays. I never took any days off but all my clients were out of school so it was all boring office work. I'm glad to be back, things are going to get busy in the next couple of weeks and it'll make the time pass by quicker. I wanted to take time off and have a real vacation but I'm saving for Charlee's arrival. I'll get a 6-8 week "vacation" soon enough.

Sam and Tyler stayed with us this weekend, which is always fun. It's hard going from living with your best friends to being 80 miles away but we try to make the best of it. Roxy and Riley were definitely happy to see Scooter as evidenced by the dog hair that was covering everything from them marathoning up and down the stairs. It's all worth it in the end.

In general, I'm optimistic about this year. More experience in my field of work, trying our hand at gardening in the back yard and a little baby girl await us. My New Year's resolution(s) is to laugh everyday and run another 5k with Kyle. I'm not sure if he's decided what his resolution will be...we'll have to wait and see.

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  1. Another baby bump picture would be much appreciated :)