Saturday, January 30, 2010

23 weeks

I don't have any new pictures uploaded to the computer so I thought I'd share one of Riley as a teeny pupster. That is a pic of him the weekend I brought him home, he was 7 pounds. Now he is 40 pounds and is bigger than Roxy. His size is misleading cause he's still a young, young pup of four months. We're gonna have a beast on our hands.

I am right at 23 weeks today. :) We had a doctor's appointment last Friday where they measured my belly and listened to her heartbeat. Belly is as big as it should be and the heartbeat was at 160, which is where it's been every time they've checked it since 6 weeks. Everything seems to be on track, I'm getting anxious to meet her. Her kicks are getting stronger, Kyle felt her kick last week and that was pretty cool. I lay in bed for a few minutes every morning and see how the belly is getting bigger and get a few quiet moments in with her...until the dogs see that I'm awake and demand to be taken out and fed. That's when the day begins, haha.

I need to be more consistent with posting, by the time I get home from work I'm ready to hop in bed. I'll try to get an update in more often, and upload my new pics.

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