Friday, February 19, 2010

26 week appointment

We had our 26 week OB appointment this morning. The same old routine stuff...measuring the bump, listening to the heartbeat, pee in a cup, etc. I'm measuring right at 26 weeks and Charlee's heartbeat is strong and steady like always. I love hearing the heartbeat, I can't wait until I can use my at home monitor thing. Even though I feel her move around, hearing the heartbeat makes things seem more real...knowing that our little one is healthy and already working on her own is very cool.

I go back in 2 weeks for the glucose test. I think everything should be fine with that, I'm eating healthily (when we can afford it). I would eat veggies and fruit everyday but that can get expensive. My diet is pretty good, not all chocolate or anything haha.

We still have about 14 weeks, a little over 3 months to go but I am getting so anxious to meet her. I just know she'll have her own personality- hopefully all the good parts of mama and daddy's mixed together. :)

We've had about 6 snow days in the past two weeks, which means I've been out of work with nothing to do. Got lots of movies watched, but wasn't productive at all. This next week should have less or no snow, so I can get back into a groove with work and that will be much appreciated.

Kyle is considering a new job endeavor that could be very exciting. It could even lead to us moving somewhere warmer eventually and all this snow is making that seem very appealing. It will let Kyle travel all over the world and get out of the job he is bored with now. It's still under consideration, lots to think about but pretty exciting at the same time.

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